Scalabrini International Migration Institute

Via Calandrelli, 11 - 00153 Roma

Tel. (+39) 06 5812741
Fax (+39) 06 5819354



Scalabrini International Migration Institute - SIMI

SIMI is an academic International Institute incorporated to the Urbaniana Pontifical University and it promotes:

  • Researches and studies on human mobility with interdisciplinary approaches;
  • The formation of professionals in the academic sector through special curricula of studies;
  • The training of professionals and pastoral/social workers through the offer of specific courses and on-going formation programs, aiming at their qualification or re-qualifcation



In all its formation programs SIMI:

  • Promotes a comparative method and the dialogue among disciplines;

  • Consider essential the dimensions of human promotion dimension, intercultural relations and interreligious dialogue;

  • Cooperates with the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN), with other academic institutions and international centres of studies and researches on human mobility;

  • Fosters the intercultural and interdisciplinary character of its programs, both in term of professors and students.



SIMI is for all those people - professors, researchers and pastoral agents - who want to deepen their studies or update themselves on special aspects of human mobility, which represets one of the big challenges for the Church and society.



Academic Authorities

  • Fr. Fabio Baggio, CS - Director

  • Fr. Aldo Pashkja, CS - Vice-Director and Administrative Director

  • Dr. Sara Salvatori - Secretary 

  • Fr. René Manenti, CS - Resident Professor