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SIMI Onlus                                           

In order to respond more properly to the challenges of the human mobility in Italy and in the world, on 23 October 2010 the Missionaries of St. Charles - Scalabrinians founded a non-profit organization with private rights and of social concern, called SIMI Onlus.



SIMI Onlus pursues the following objectives:

  • To explore human mobility with an interdisciplinary approach, in order to develop and coordinate the multiple perspectives and insights offered by the human and social sciences as well as by the national, regional and international institutions;

  • To foster the understanding of the interpretative models proposed by the human, social and religious sciences concerning the phenomenon of human mobility, building channels of communication and training experts and agents capable of initiative, dialogue and discussion.



In order to achieve the above mentioned goals SIMI Onlus organizes the following activities:

  • Collection of suggestions of social and work related initiatives coming from local or other organizations, ethically in line with the respect of the human values;

  • Organization of formation activities for people coming from disadvantaged countries and for social workers in the human mobility world;

  • Collection of suggestions and eventually organization of the implementation phase of project proposals, as planned by the organisms of the association;

  • Research of funds under any form of coverage, necessary to start projects approved by the Board of Directors, in order to achieve the respective operational program;

  • Publication of texts, documents, researches on paper or magnetic system and/or e-commerce for dissemination and information about services offered by the organization; offer of consulting referrals, studies and market researches for companies, public and private institutions;

  • Creation and maintenance of data bases, that are functional to the objectives of the organization; promotion of the collection of news concerning social, financial and political development of the activities promoted through the launch of programs; sharing of news of general character among the members;


Directive Board

Fabio Baggio, President

Aldo Skoda Pashkja, Vice-president

René Manenti, Secretary