Diploma in the P. Care of Human Mobility

Diploma in the P. Care of Human Mobility

DSC02173The SIMI Graduate Diploma Program in the Pastoral Care of Human Mobility is an initiative of the Scalabrini International Migration Institute (SIMI), an academic institute established by the Scalabrinian Congregation (Missionaries of St. Charles) and incorporated to the Pontifical Urbanian University, Rome. Such initiative is carried on in cooperation with the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People and the Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office. The Fondazione Migrantes(Italian Bishop Conference), the Fundación Comisión Católica Argentina de Migraciones(Argentinian Bishops Conference). The Portuguese version of the Diploma is managed by the Centro de Estudos Migratorios (CEM) de São Paulo (Brasil).



The SIMI Graduate Diploma Program is offered to the following candidates:

  • Pastoral agents (clergy, religious men and women and lay people) already engaged in the migrant ministry (pastoral care of migrants, refugees, itinerant people and their families);
  • Pastoral agents (clergy, religious men and women and lay people) who are to work in the migrant ministry provided a certification from their bishop/religious superior/parish priest expressing their commitment to this plan is submitted;
  • Scalabrianian Lay People and Cooperators.


The pre-requisites to apply for the SIMI Graduate Diploma Program are the following:

  • a Bachelor degree from a university;
  • a degree from a recognized university or other tertiary institution that is equivalent to a degree of Bachelor;
  • or relevant equivalent practical experience to qualify the student for admission and approved by the Program Administrator.

Description of the Program

This program offers students a Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Care of Human Mobility. Students who successfully complete the graduate diploma will be eligible to progress to the Advanced Graduate Diploma program.

The Graduate Diploma comprises of five courses in four languages (English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) that are distributed in one full academic year. The same structure will be used for the Advanced Diploma. All courses will be “reading courses” where face-to-face lessons are substituted by the individual reading of reference materials prepared by the professor every fortnight. This online reading course will be delivered through the SIMI e-learning platform. Students will be required to show the completion of the assignment by summarizing readings or by providing written answers to questions prepared by the professor. The successful completion will be determined by the passing of exams of all the courses. At the end of each level a diploma will be given to successful students.

Basic Graduate Diploma Program

  • The Teaching of the Church and the Pastoral Care of Human Mobility –  M. Pettenà
  • Old Testament and Pastoral Care of Human Mobility – G. Campese
  • Elements of Pastoral Care of Human Mobility 1 – A. Skoda
  • Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in the Migration Context – C. Boca
  • The Phenomenon of Human Mobility – F. Baggio

Advanced Graduate Diploma Program

  • Towards a Theology of Migration – G. Parolin
  • Elements of Pastoral Care of Human Mobility 2 – A. Skoda
  • Spirituality of the Pastoral Care of Human Mobility – A. Candaten
  • Ethics and Pastoral Care of Human Mobility – F. Baggio
  • New Testament and Pastoral Care of Human Mobility – G. Campese

Enrollment procedure

Tuition Fees would vary depending on the country where the applicant is based. For developing counties there are scholarships available. Kindly send your inquiries to the SIMI secretariat.

To evaluate applications SIMI requires candidates to fill accurately this pre-enrollment form downloadable here and send it to SIMI secretariat.

Australia/based candidates kindly refer to the following link.

Classes in Italian, Spanish an English will run from November to June. Classes in Portuguese will run from February to December.